Saturday, June 14, 2008

The monster that is Mugabe

Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, came to power in 1980 when the white-minority rule paved way for Zimbabwe's independence after a bitter armed struggle with ZANU-PF-the liberation movement that fought for Zimbabwe's independence. Mugabe, now 80, was by then considered the most educated of all African presidents because he was credited with four degrees from presigious institutions of higher education. Since 1980, Mugabe is in power and has transfomed in to a monster that has overcome all odds challenging internal dissents and international condemnations.

He has been re-elected and re-elected many times untill last month when the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) headed by Morgan Tsvangirai jumped on the bandwagon to challenge Mugabe's despotism and the legitimacy of his presidency. According to election observers and foreign missions stationed in the capital city Harare (formerly Salisbury), the oppostion won most of the parliamentary seats and also the presidency though Mugabe's state apparatus used irregular methods to retain the presidency and renounce the opposition's claims of victory to be null and void.

Even with the economy in shambles and dissent increasing, Mugabe feels all is well. The country has suffered brain drain with most doctors, professionals, and engineers seeking greener pastures in developed countries. Schools are empty because teachers are not paid enough to sustain a decent living and parents refuse to send their children to classes on empty stomachs.

The state apparatus has flexed its muscles. The country is now under the mercy of a dictator like the many to be found in the rest of Africa. Zimbabwe's leadership processes have collapsed and those with leaderhip traits are unable to come forward for fear of retribution from the dreaded police force.

A repeat election is scheduled for next month though the ruling ZANU-PF party has made it clear that it won't entertain any form of defeat by the opposition. Those seeking the presidency risk assassinations or arrest without warrant. Zimbabwe is in a mess and ready to explode any time soon. The world must act now to salvage it!

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