Saturday, February 16, 2008

Who is to blame for Somalia's destruction?

Let's explore Somalia's past to expunge deeply and deduce some hints as to the cause of the 17 years of indiscriminate killings, displacements, failed reconciliation conferences, deliberately imposed imperialism and occupation, warlordism, plunder, and exodus of our people from their land.

It is common for humans to point fingers at others for their predicaments and failures. Was Somalia's failure as a state engineered by foreign powers and malodorously cantankerous Somali individuals whose aim was to impose hegemony and create discord for selfish gains? If that is what you believe, then, it is my strongest conviction that you are wrong beyond reasonable doubt.

When a nation disobeys Almighty Allah by employing immorality to speed up its immaterial selfish aims and objectives, then, the resultant expectations as admonished in the Glorious Qur'an and scriptures that preceeded it, is divine destruction that does not differentiate the pious from the sinner.

"If ALLAH were to hasten to people the evil they defy Him to pronounce upon them, as they hasten in asking for good, their doom would have been determined already. But we leave those in rebellion, who do not look to the encounter with Us, in their insolence, wandering blindly on". Qur'an. Surat Yunus: 11

Somalis have acrimoniously copied the evil doings of the people of Ad, Thamud, Iram, Aikat etc. to an extent sermons from mosque pulpits fell on deaf ears as majority became engrossed in UnIslamic acts and Satanical contracts that continuously pilfered through all sectors of society.

How often have you reflected the negative practices of our nomads selling milk in the streets of our major towns and villages? One thing I've noted is that the steatopygous pastoral Somali girl or woman whose day started at dawn to venture out to the milk selling business strolls backbreaking kilometers loaded with heavy milk containers with one thing in mind: to lure and cheat town dwelling customers with contaminated milk diluted with water or powdered milk. The deceits they applied were so intricately rehearsed to the detriment of the unsuspecting customer and herself. With two milk containers by her sides, the unsuspecting customer is given pure milk from a container reserved for tasting while the ultimate transaction implies a separate container with diluted milk. These loquacious milk sellers were known to swear until they exhausted their energies. Unfumigated Bibitos and unhygeinic restaurants played a great role selling diluted milk.

The most destructive business ventures that brought Somalia to her heals could be found among shops and butcheries that manipulated the scale and the balance. Butchers sold meat with tremendous speed and drive because lack of refrigeration meant disaster for their business undertakings as meat is known to perish within hours without preservation. Deceitfully selling ligaments, tendons, glands, and bones instead of steak left customers utterly disgusted and outrageous. The speed at how they dislodged the weight before it came to the right position and the removal of some vital parts from the balance meant customers were getting leap service. Another debilitating anecdote was how produce farmers sold their products.

Sesame sellers splashed water on to sesame seeds so they could generate more weight and cash money for their products when sold in the market in retail or wholesale. Sesame seeds are visibly lighter and absorp water profusely. Grains sellers employed scoops with bulging bases for purchases whereas when selling the scoops had upward punched bottoms.

The proliferation of prostitution conglomerates in the city of Mogadishu saw sprouting of brothels flourish in all suburbs with girls as young as fifteen becoming targets for officials and business magnates stashed with cash meant to lure them. Government officials emptied state coffers through malpractices; military officers hoarded provisions meant for their juniors, promotions were not based on merit but on favoritisms and tribal affiliations; foreigners played seek and hide games in attempts to fulfill their sexual desires; qaad sessions bloomed with middle-aged women known as xusul baruur acting as go-betweens or playing the pimping mistress roles; the consumption of marijuana and alcohol became unregulated and uninterrupted; for women to attract men they resorted to outfits known as iga-dhex-arag or see-me-through while others went about their businesses in western styles including skirts, trousers, T-shirts and shorts, they wore make ups, heads were uncovered; barbers welcomed all sexes in their evil haircut adventures; cinema-goers watched explicit movies while video dens played pornographic contents even for school children and lastly but not least smaller tribes felt the excruciating pain of stratification and marginalization.

Mosques became abandoned leaving religious leaders speechless. The dice had been cast and Somalia's predominantly Muslim nation was headed for destruction with the formation of guerilla movements up north where its leaders were devising ways of overthrowing the corrupt government.

Despite trouncing the junta that ruled Somalia for twenty-one years, leaders of the guerilla movements who were themselves driven by revenge further plunged the already morally corrupt nation in to tribal divisions leading to the genocide of defenseless civilians including women and children. The strong stuck to their guns, academia left the country enmasse, and the leaders of Ethiopia jostled for influence and occupation.

In conclusion, having unearthed some of Somalia's past wrongdoings, I beseech the reader to dissuade pointing fingers at others and kindly reflect the propensity of immorality that was Somalia before its initial collapse.

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