Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sentencing men of deception

The vulture, described as the most patient bird, is a big strange looking Aves known to scavenge through all types of carcases regardless of type, taste, and shape. It's strong wings and majestic body is designed to lift it to greater heights.

On the other hand, the hyena, pretty much visible in African jungles, is a scavenger in the real sense and has almost the same qualitities as the vulture. Hyenas survive on what has been left behind by the big cats: Lions, leopards, and cheetahs. Ironically,
both have voracious appetite, are wild and hardly domesticated by humans though they may be seen in major zoos of the world for scientific research and tourism displays. The hyena has been mentioned alot in African myths as a cunning, greedy, selfish, dirty, impatient, repugnant, and indisciplined animal with behaviors not found in other carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores.

Despite differences in genera, the two play great roles cleaning the environment of abandoned dead animals that would have been a health hazard-an assignment that would have been impossible for us to undertake as we are without doubt in the midst of overburdening environmental degradations caused by our own calculated actions.

Likewise, our own Somali warlords, scavengers in their own right, fleeced Somali economy of all valuables including private and public assets ranging from homes, farm implements, industrial machineries, military hardware, gold bullions, mines, and the bulk of human population regarded as an asset to a nation's survival and well being.

The warlords' indiscriminate shelling of dense areas occupied by the enemy and the heralding of wanton shadowy governments of their own creations based on mobocracy was one geared towards the shepherding of a path for the absolute advacement of an unphilosophically selfish modus vivendi aimed at annihilating human material assets and moral strength so that fellow tribesmen and loyal henchmen would scavenge the leftovers to boost their overall dwindling economies not for the present but for posterity.

Thus, such criminal acts, though seemingly pleasing to the warlords, whether prolonged, delayed, or intermittent, had been in the past and present, because of their predatory and rapacious dimensions, described as heinous or vulturous in every human language, living or extinct. Their stubborn and deliberate ostracization of unarmed clans and their application of dictatorially hoggish modus operandi instilled inquietude, confusion, and fragmentation such that whoever got trapped in their territories was left with no other alternative but to submit to their whimsical inventions otherwise the consequences would have been detrimentally discombobulating.

As fate would have it, the vulturous and heinous warlords who terrorized Somalia, were, in the cause of action, subdued, confined, or incapacitated in mysterious circumstances by a more viperish, violent, and spitefully hostile antagonist who wished Somalia better prospects.

So, there is a conflict of interest between the Union of Islamic Courts which is credited with routing the detested warlords and the Transitional Federal Government that gave them convenient sanctuaries for convalescence and rewarded them with parliamentary and ministerial posts.

To add insult to injury, what is causing Somali tempers to flare up, is the intervention of the Ethiopian Army in Somalia at the invitation of the TFG that lacks the support of its own people. Ethioipia, a poor African country bordering Somalia, has in the past, fought Somalia several times over the disputed Somali region known as the Ogaden that it annexed in 1957 at the general consent of the European powers who obliged to the Ethiopian Emperor's notion of being surrounded by an ocean of pagans-a reference to Muslim Somali and Omotic-speaking Oromo.

According to popular Somali opinion, with the exception of some whose thoughts and attitudes are influenced by their leanings towards the TFG due to tribal affiliations, fear of sequestration, and conjectural consideration, judging by the deplorable monstrous cruelty of the forces of the TFG and the Ethiopian Army and their outrageous use of force against innocent unarmed civilians and contrary to the six months of relative peace enjoyed when the ICU was in power in 2006, while borrowing a leaf from what the world media has written about this chronic issue, it has been determined without a shadow of doubt that tranquility will flourish in Somalia after the complete withdrawal of Ethiopia's liberticidal troops and the disarmament of the TFG.

Somalis view the TFG as an otiose foreign element unable to appease its citizens; they see it as one imposed on them; and perceive it as lacking the general hallmarks of an all-inclusive government.

In our final judgement, the warlords, who at first fitted the description of the vulture and the hyena, will, in the meantime, be regarded as an endangered species for being persona non grata from the Somali political scene.

On the other hand, the UIC, in reward for its relentless pursuit of peace and prosperity for the people of Somalia, is hereby declared the winner of an imaginative peace prize to that effect. The Ethiopian forces and the TFG, having distorted their images and having absconded their responsibilities, and judging by their premeditated, horrendous, and suicidal acts against the peace-loving people of Ethiopia and Somalia and humanity in general and having seen the crimes of startling frequency willfully perpetrated and committed in their names; herein adduced before me in this court, having referenced the theory of transmigration of souls; on this day of February 19, 2008; after much deliberations with my inner soul and mind, and undeterred by human seduction, favors, and false pretenses, in lieu of the jurors exhaustive deliberations, I, Honorable Judge of the Supreme Court of the Horn of Africa, author and owner of this essay, by the power conferred on me by human intellect, hereby, without the least hesitation and with absolute decree, by the single stroke of the judicial pen, and through the application and execution of fair justice, cause my right hand to brand them, unmitigatingly, vulture and hyena respectively; labels they will so carry until their eternal judgements and upon their subsequent return to planet earth; the duo, herein referred to as masters of deception, will, without substitution, have the qualities of the afore-mentioned animals and permanently live among fauna of like caliber without change of shape or form whatsoever such that the hermaphrodite shall remain hermaphrodite and the egg-laying shall lay eggs of equal size and shape.

Under no circumstances may the contents of this judgement be altered or overturned, quashed or fabricated or edited for clarity in any manner or form by any type of appeals court of the Horn of Africa nor will it be subjected to a court review nor will leave of reprieve be granted to any court attorney for a retrial as by law established.


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