Saturday, October 10, 2009

Somalia: Killings that never end

Even after almost twenty years searching for peace for volatile Somalia, extremists continue to amputate limbs in the absence of a unified central government. Shockingly, in southern Somalia, Al-Shabab and Xizbul-Islam are out to finish each other. Hardly a day passes by without gruesome incidents and deadly altercations. Moreover, the men who are holding the banner of war regard themselves as pious Muslims fighting for a just cause yet those caught in the quagmire are unarmed women, children, and the elderly who, besides the bloodshed, suffer the pangs of hunger. Peace, in the real sense, has dissipated from entire southern Somalia.

The government of Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has its hands tied because it is not getting the necessary attention and assistance from the international community. On the other hand, foreign fighters continue to wreck havoc on peace loving innocent Somali civilians. Because these foreign fighters or jihadists are in Somalia at the invitation of Somali extremists, they have no other option but to defend their very existence as they have no homes to return.

I think the bloodshed in Somalia can only be stopped by Somalis themselves with the assistance of the international community. Since all reconciliation efforts have been exhausted, the world must fully arm a reliable party in order to rout the rest who refuse to tow the line.

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