Monday, October 19, 2009

Somali Government: Don't Give Asyllum to Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys

Somalia's mass murderer, warlord, and extremist Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys is almost to surrender to the Somali government after a contingent of his militia surrendered to officers stationed at Villa Somalia, Somalia's Presidential Palace.

It all started after the forces of the Sheikh exchanged bitter gunfire with the forces of Al-shabab in the port city of Kismayu located in southern Somalia. Reports from Mogadishu indicate that the Sheikh is in constant contact with some of his clan members currently in the Somali cabinet of ministers so as to be given asyllum.

It is my strongest desire to see the sheikh extradited to the Hague, in the Netherlands, in order to face charges of genocide, rape, and mass murder of innocent Somalis before the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

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Tandasi said...

hello! my brother welcome back after being silence for a couple of months i missed your words of wisdom. am still blogging with my blog do you remeber it let us unite our voice again.

oh how wish that day when every part of AFRICA will be free from any kind wicked ideologies.

GOD bless somalia, GOD bless africa