Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kenya Must Eradicate Corruption to Flourish

The major factor hindering development in Kenya is the widespread corruption visible in every sector of the economy. Corruption is so prevalent in this East African nation such that it has become an eyesore that refuses to heal because government officials remain behind its proliferation. Transparency International regards Kenya to be in the top list of the most corrupt countries in the world. Kenya's Economic Freedom Index (EFI) is also at its lowest ebb. The Kenya Human Rights Commission and the Anti-Corruption arm have voiced concern at how corruption is eating away the vital fibers of the economy. Kenya's poorly paid police are at the forefront of spreading corruption.

The most eye-catching incident involved the arrest of traffic police officers caught in the act of receiving bribes from motorists. The men and women who took the oath of allegiance to the constitution to maintain law and order fell to the dragnet after being caught red handed soliciting bribes on major highways. Some of these officers were caught on tape and are now awaiting sentencing before a court of law.

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