Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Homeless Warlord Sheikh

Somalia's once powerful warlord, Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, is now a bitter man and a homeless vagabond. Evey night, in the midst of dark ramshackle Mogadishu,the sheikh begs for shelter from various international organizations including television news outlets. Having fallen off with Al-Shabab, southern Somalia's most powerful extremist organization, the sheikh hardly sleeps every night because he fears Al-Shabab may catch him unawares. For now the sheikh has nothing else to fear but fear itself. And going by the old adage, "a coward dies many times before his real death", those pursuing the sheikh should not give much thought because his conscience tells him he is already a dead man.

I don't understand why every communist-trained religious zealot aspires to lead so as to mislead through the use of infected mental faculties. It is idiotic and out of context for someone to support the likes of Al-Shabab and Xizbul Islam who, even when given the reigns of power will ultimately end up stealing state coffers, annihilate multitudes of innocent civilians, and finally leave everything overturned and irremediably beyond repair.

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