Friday, March 7, 2008

Kenya: The nature of things to come

The dice has been cast; Kenyan's have burried the hatchet; bloodspilling has for now subsided after grueling weeks of chaos and tribal conflict which according to conflicting government sources and media outlets left hundreds of thousands internally displaced and thousands dead; it seems for now peace has finally returned to every town, village, and dwelling in a land of over forty tribes and languages.

After much deliberations and the involvement of international mediation heavyweights including the likes of Graca Machel (wife of Nelson Mandela), Kofi Anan (former UN Secretary General), Benjamin Mkapa (Former President of Tanzania), John Kufuor (Current President of Ghana), Bishop Desmond Tutu (head of the South African Anglican church and Nobel leaureate), Cyril Ramaphosa (South African businees tycoon)and a host of others.

The final verdict will be hammered out after the unanimous proclamation of a power sharing deal when Kenya's parliament convenes, debates, and enacts a new law that will open a new chapter for the creation of the post of Prime Minister for Raila Amolo Odinga, head of the opposition Orange democratic movement (ODM), the man who was blatantly and barefacedly robbed of the Presidency in the December 2007 general elections.

Peace loving Kenyans will no longer listen to the neauseating remarks of John Michuki and his ilk. The arbitrary arrest of innocent Wanainchi (citizens) without judicial application is for now something of the past. Kenyans must never accept to be dictated by 'bootlickers', 'briefcase carriers', henchmen, and power usurpers who play the roles of misguided Dick, Tom, and Harry. They must be on guard and courageously confront Cops who demand TKK (Toa Kitu Kidogo-a form of bribery regardless of amount) and Chai (tea). Police officers must demand decent wages from the government and not rob the citizens they are supposed to protect. The lost dignity of 'Utumishi Kwa Wote' (Service for all) must be restored.

Kenya's party altercations spread like wildfire into the fabric of a poor tribal society after the adulteration of the Presidential elections by the Party of National Unity (PNU) headed by the man who was behind the election irregularities, President Mwai Kibaki, who according to the BBC 'sanctioned' the clashes in a well orchestrated sabotageous plan in defense of his majority Kikuyu against the rest of Kenyans by providing them with machettes, rungus, simis, pangas, and other dangerous crude weapons while deliberately mobilizing state machinery to his detriment.

Anyone familiar with the 'Kiambuu Mafia' or the "Mount Kenya Mafia" concubinage with the malodorously unrestrained condottiere Mungiki and its dedication to tribal hegemony since the days of the Mau Mau will understand why land issue has been the driving force behind every turmoil and political wrangglings since the 60s regardless of the nation's leadership funambulism. Mungiki had been an unrestrainable illegal sect under President Moi's rule only to fully and gracefully reemerge in a decorated fashion when Mwai Kibaki took power.

Every effort must made to block "Mount Kenya Mafia" from major government positions. Those suspected to have been party to incitement to violence must be apprehended and made to face the full force of the law. Mungiki must be disbanded and crashed mercilessly until it becomes nonexistent. Incitement to violence must be dealt with severely. Religious freedom must be left to flourish at will.

Every province must have its own college and university. Decentralization of power should receive prominence in the constitution. Kenyans must be saved the burden of travelling to Nairobi for passports. Every province must be allowed to generate enough revenue to run its own affairs and must be allocated enough fiscal budget to fulfill the long cherished dream of equal education, health, industry, and services that are vital to a vibrant economy.

Provincial Commissioners, District Commissioners, District Officers, and Chiefs must be eliminated and be replaced with modern democratic institutions of governance compatible with the demands of the people through referundums. Every conceivable colonial legacy in place must be abolished. Kenyans must be given the right to debate and choose local governments of their liking.

Anyone who has never heard the name 'Mungiki'-a name that had been a curse and cancer in Kenya's political stability since the days of Moi, needs to give an attentive ear. 'Mungiki' has been a clog in the eye of every progress because these rebel group had the backing of top fishes in the government from day one of its formation. These apathetic savage foundation with inhuman credentials desired to drive Kenya into the underworld of drugs, criminality, and prostitution while hiding under the shadow of biblical narratives. Though claiming to have a million members, these hoodlums, were no more than a bunch of dirty jailbirds struggling for a space in government where they could achieve filthy objectives.

Its leader, Mohamed Waruinge, is a Kikuyu who claims to profess the Islamic faith despite being regarded a renegade by a cotterie of Muslim Ulema who saw see his modus operandi contrary to the divine teachings of the Glorious Qur'an.

Mungiki has enjoyed tremendous coverage in the Kenya press despite constituting an army of functionally illiterates whose allegiance is not to the constitution of the Republic of Kenya but rather embodies grossly exaggerated mythically ancestralized inclinations of ancient ways of worship not consistent with modernity and religious tolerance. They pledge loyalty not to the President of Kenya but instead to self- fashioned and amplified wavelengths attracted to the sciences of reggae ragamuffins with parochial attitudes, puffing of marijuana, sniffing of tobacco, and wearing of dreadlocks-a common identity among its followers-men and women who have renounced the rule of law. One unanimous agreement among Mungiki adherents is the forceful circumcision of women. They desire to see Kenya remain a Kikuyu hierarchy forever.

Raila Odinga is being touted to become the next PM; the second such post since attainment of independence; a post first held by his father, the late Jaramogi Odinga Oginga, who, according to the nation's recorded history, fell off with Kenya's first President, Jomo Kenyatta, a Kikuyu tribalsit who ensured cenral power remained in the hands of the children of Gikuyu and Mumbi under the tutelage of the wicked 'Kiambuu mafia'-a powerful lobby group of three tribes related in blood, language, and customs and commonly identified as Gikuyu (Kikuyu), Embu, and Meru Association or GEMA.

Currently, there is much debate about the elimination of the post of Vice-President occupied by Kalonzo Musyoka of the Orange Denocratic Movement of Kenya (ODM-K)-the party that split from the Orange Democratic Movement of Raila Odinga during the runner up to the Presidential elections. Kalonzo Musyoka, a Kamba, claimed to make miracles-miracles not meant to win him the Presidency-but one aimed at forging alliances with Mwai Kibaki's Party of National Unity or PNU-so he could have a firm hold on to the Vice Presidency-a reprovably prearranged dastardly act with predatory qualities widely common among vainglorious political rejects lacking confidence and self-esteem.

Consequently, the elimination of the post of Vice President will will lead to the establishment of the position of Vice Premier-a tough assignment for bitter rivals who have just smoothered a raging inferno at the eleventh hour after almost forty five days of bloodletting. Regardless of who becomes the Vice Premier, Kenyans wish to see their nation return to normalcy as soon as possible so that they may live in peace and harmony as usual.

Though I hate to promulgate what the future holds, again, from what I have written in the past about Kenya's future, it seems definite and behooves us to reconsider, a prognostication with a hit on the bull's eye, because, if we closely follow the proceedings and final recommendations of the exclusively selected eminent members, we will come to the conclusion that Raila Amolo Odinga is for now assured the much-awaited Premiership role and in the nick of time will climb the helm without the least hesitation while Mwai Kibaki, the man who was hurriedly sworn in as President after 'stealing' the 2007 December elections in a well orchestrated manner, will serve the Republic of Kenya until the end of his term in 2012, as a powerless ceremonial President.

Power sharing which will be debated by Kenya's roudy parliament is a hard nut to crack. Ministers, Assistant-Ministers, and heads of parastatals will have to be determined by the Kenya legislature and not by the President as had been during the one-party era rule. That means, voiceless Kenyans, especially Muslims and minority tribes who had been ostracized for a long time without legal representations, will, if justice is left to steer its right cause, enjoy the fruits that had been forbidden to them for forty seven years.

Muslims will no longer be required to produce obsolete documents when applying for passports and ID Cards; there will be accountability and equal share of education, equal share of employment, equal housing opportunity, budgetary and financial control, and the concept of categorizing Muslims as terrorists will have to be abandoned if the law is to fully apply to all citizens of the land without regard to discriminatory practices. Promotion must be based on merit and educational background and not on tribal affiliations and preferential treatments.

The application of healthy debates and referundums must be the best applicable tool to advancing national concesus on issues pertaining to Sheria and family inheritance laws, regionalism and federalism, and a plethora of issues that had been swept under the carpet during past regimes' inhuman practices.

Kenyans will demand the revival of the 1984 Wagalla Massacre, the murders of Dr. Robert Ouko, Tom Mboya, and JM Kariuki, the Ng'oroko menace and the deliberate burning of Garissa. It will primarily be the responsibility of the Republic of Kenya to fully investigate all cases brought forthwith before the courts by grieving parties and their legal representations and grant undeterred access to government archives and files without obstruction of justice and ensure payments where applicable without any minor or major hindrances.

Despite putting up a bitter fight, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), under the leadership of Honorable Prime Minister-elect Raila Amolo Odinga, has shown the world that what started in Eastern Europe as an Orange revolution, is, if fully implemented, despite the cost to life and property, a risk worth venturing for the good of humanity.

Having fought the better part of the war, Kenya's infant government of national unity will have to take extra steps to eradicate endemic corruption perfected by previous administrations that preceeded it. One other thing to note is that this current government is propelled by two wings of opposing views, engineering, and design. One wing-inherited from past regimes and old guards-is diseased, decaying, and rudderless with no hope of remedy while the other wing is new, untarnished, and ready to accept change.

It requires men and women of the strongest will and dedicated conviction to steer a divided nation back to its right course. The forty five plus days of civil disobedience Kenya went through must not be perceived as solvable in a matter of months or even years because reconciliation efforts among humans as witnessed since ancient times require knowlegeable non-partisan commission of inquiry members with delicate strategies meant to peruse, expunge, and extricate the major causes of the conflict before an everlasting all encompassing remedial solutions can be secured for future generations to enjoy without much interruptions.

The right man who can steer Kenya to her rightful place in the international arena today is Raila Odinga because he is a man who suffered at the hands of Kenya's past hydra-headed heinous administrations in his pursuit of equality and justice. In his youth, he saw his father humiliated by Jomo Kenyatta-the very man his dad, Jaramogi Odinga, supported tooth and nail in the struggle for independence; under President Moi, Raila remained a jailbird shuttling cockroach-infested Kamiti, Shimo La Tewa, and Kodiaga prisons. Having helped Kibaki oust Moi through the introduction of multi-party democracy, Kibaki, rather than displaying Biblical grace and Abrahamic wisdom, chose to play the tribal card that lead to the political Tsunami that left Kenya a laughing stork among her global admirers and an almost 'failed state'. Had Raila not displayed flexibility in the negotiation efforts, Kenya, under the absolute leadership of Kibaki, would by now be at the mercy of warlords and that entire landlocked countries in East and Central Africa would intermittently follow suit, trigger the worst humanitarian disaster in history, and usher in genocide that would shake human resolve for many years to come.

As we look forward into the nature of things to come in this part of Africa and as Kenya picks up the pieces, what is worth watching is how politics shapes a divided house occupied by two men of differing political views: Raila who is guided by untapped political talent ready for useful application and an inconsolably penurious Kibaki determined to release a penumbra of rebellious tribal mobocracy.

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