Wednesday, October 15, 2014


By Hudhaifah Siyad
We always get moved by street kids’ life hustles, struggles and how they got neglected by their families, yet at most times people take no effort to help them. Actually most people want the street kids off the streets.
This poem is written from the perspective of a street kid.
If I were to take a minute and sit,
Sit next to you and narrate,
Narrate my being fro’ a lil script,
Would you like others Admit,
That I live a life of misfit?
If you were to see me cry,
The silent tear-less chocking cry,
Would you put a sorry across your face,
And brush the rest far from say?
Would you?
You would for sure, not care,
You would, like err’body in err’ corner,
Tap on the walls, if listening share,
You would, dare deny that not sincere.
If I were to fade away, go away,
Miles away, buried far away,
If I were to get away, escape away,
Would you take a minute, do away,
With all my worries, my take-aways?
Hudhaifah Siyad

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