Monday, October 6, 2014

Landforms Story

By Luqman Makina
Editor’s Note: The writer of this essay is a 7th grader who is interested in  animal and physical sciences.
It all started while I was hiking a trail in Colorado; I went up some rocks and kept going. I looked around to see where I was. It seemed like I was near a canyon. I kept going to see where I would end up. After a long while, I saw a small stream that looked like it was connected to a lake. I kept going to see where it would lead me. When I made it to the end, it was connected to a river which must have been connected to a larger body of water.
The next day, I went hiking some more to see what I would find. It seemed that the region was mostly made up of water. I went another way this time; this way went to a deserted area with a lot of sand. I looked around to observe the area. I found that the island where I was near was surrounded by water. I kept going and eventually saw a volcano. It was inactive though. As the time went by, I kept seeing all these different landforms.
LandformsLater on the day, I was hiking some more and saw that there was all this movement going on around me. There were animals interacting with each other. I saw all these different types of animals looking for food.
There were young animals running around interacting. Eventually I left and kept moving.
The next location I went to was a forest that was full of all these trees. I decided to look around and see what my relative location was. I was five trees to the left from the back entrance. As I looked around, I went a little further down and saw a valley. Near it was a mountain that stretched along the back of the valley. I decided to climb the mountain and see where I would end up.
The further I went around the island, the more landforms I saw. The next day I went to continue my hiking and found a beach. Along the shore were some eroded rocks which had been caused by movement of the ocean. The rocks kept going higher and higher and around until I was back where I had started. I went another path down to the other beach.
As I was walking, I went back to the forest and saw that there were animals running around looking for each other. There was a little fence that said it was made for the animals to be protected. This seemed like HEI which stands for Habitat Enhancement Initiative. I kept going and found another river except this one went into a bigger river. It must have been a tributary with the two rivers. At the end of the day, I went back home.
Luqman Makina
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