Saturday, July 6, 2013

Killer Whales

Killer whales

By Luqman Adan Makina
July 6, 2013

Have you ever wondered about Killer whales? I’m here to tell you about Killer whales. Killer whales are worldwide animals. Killer whales are great animals. Killer whales eat anything except their own kind. Killer whales are common animals.          

Killer whale pods are transient and resident pods. Different pods eat different things. Transient pods eat larger prey. While resident pods eat mostly fish, different pods go different ways. Some pods go far distances while others don’t go far. Killer whales have different pods.

Killer whales can choose which way to go. Killer whales mostly live in the Arctic. Killer whales live in bays, seas, and oceans. Killer whales pods can be related. Killer whale transient pods are small and in size from 5 to 7. Resident pods range in size from 15 to 25. Killer whales pods have their own set of calls that only their pod knows of. Killer whales go which way they usually do.

Killer whales communicate in different ways. Killer whales use a type called echolocation. Killer whales send clicks to their melon on top of their heads. The clicks travel through the water until they hit an object. The clicks come back and tell the killer whale the objects weight, size, and direction.

Killer whales hunt in different ways. Killer whales mostly hunt in groups. But Killer whales can hunt alone. Killer whales pods sometimes combine so that they can hunt and play together. Killer whale pods are social animals and not harmful. Killer whales like to hunt in different ways.

Killer whales aren’t harmful animals. Killer whales aren’t endangered but could be if we harm them. Killer whales are interesting animals. Killer whales are very social animals and cause no harm.  Killer whales are intelligent animals. Killer whales live in the same place for all their life with their pod members. Now you know killer whales are amazing animals.

Luqman Adan Makina is the son of blogger Adan Makina and he is fond of animal sciences. He just graduated from Clardy Elementary School and is planning to start Grade 6 at Antioch Middle School. He is about to turn 11-years old.


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