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Strategic Planning

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Strategy is defined as a policy or stratagem while planning connotes to mean preparation, scheduling, or arrangement. Thus, strategic planning, entails having a complete approach that is capable of producing realistic and positive results when applied to an organization. Strategic planning that has been prearranged before application is a crucial tool that helps alleviate future misconceptions and organizational breakdowns. According to Bryson (2004), strategic planning involves carrying out elemental decisions for safeguarding implementations necessary for running an organization or entity for the present and for posterity. Strategic planning that lacks preparation, dexterity, group support, and group effort may not hold long and end up in failure. Strategic planning is best applicable when focus is given to present and future organizational expectations having success and productivity in mind.

The Kansas City, Kansas Public Library’s mission statement is one geared towards connecting communities by coming up with the required tools, resources, and creating the factors that help enrich the lives of the inhabitants of Wyandotte County (KCKPL, 2010). Its vision calls for striving to become the frontrunner in the dissemination of information and knowledge in the State of Kansas. KCPLS’s desire is to disseminate knowledge and create a healthy, educated society. The use of intelligence and profound marketing strategies can be useful when implementing strategic planning (Weier, 2008). KCKPL’s strategic planning is a flexible one that is susceptible to change depending on the needs of its patrons, stakeholders, and employees.

KCPL is struggling to shine in an atmosphere of competition where libraries abound. Levy increases will be deliberated by a board before implementation. Some of the new strategies to be included in the library’s strategic plans include library charges for the purchase of new products, self-registration features for patrons, new informational brochures, and the crossing out of old bills as a gesture of goodwill for library patrons confounded by financial hardships. The library is determined to introduce PlayStation, Wii, Kindle, and Gameboy after assessing patron needs.


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