Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Somalia's Mass Murderers Must be Stopped

The recent suicide bombing of Mogadishu's Shamo Hotel (picture inset) where hundred's had gathered to celebrate the graduation of students from Banadir University has left multiple scars in the hearts of millions. This despicable act perpetrated by men who have no iota of mercy in their hearts must be stopped at all cost. In the aftermath of this suicide bombing, almost over twenty innocent souls perished including government ministers, doctors, university students, and friends and relatives. Up to sixty peaceful residents of Mogadishu have been reported to have been injured in the melee. A dozen injured have been flown to Kenya for treatment because local hospitals lack the facilities to carry out major operations. To date no one has claimed responsibility. Amazingly, a Danish newspaper has claimed that the suicide bomber was raised in Denmark and that his parents are Dutch citizens. The bomber is said to have moved to Somalia about eighteen months ago accompanied by wife and children. If this claim is to be verified, then there is cause to be cautious and suspicious of homegrown extremists.

Somalia's terrorist group, Al-shabab has refuted allegations that it was behind the deadly attack on Shamo Hotel on the fateful day of Tuesday, the 3rd day of December, 2009. However, sources report that Ayman Al-zawahri, the second-in-command of Al-qaida has been reported to have claimed that his partners who waging proxy war in Somalia were behind the bombing and that it is part of the Jihadi struggle being waged all over the world. Al-shabab has flexed its muscle in the south of the country meaning it has no other entity to challenge it.

Somalia remains ungovernable because those vested with authority have not understood or lack a grasp of the true meaning of responsibility, leadership, and nationalism. The fragile government of Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has been overwhelmed by the enormity of problems in the country. Piracy, insecurity, suicide bombings, political murders, assassinations, drought, disease, and other natural calamities have combined to make the nation beyond anyone's capability.

Somalia has become a safe haven for foreign fighters drawn from all parts of the world. They include men who have been described as international criminals who will do everything possible to evade arrest by internationally-sanctioned manhunts. The number of religious criminal gangs or factions operating in the country give these criminals complete protection from prosecution.

There are many illegal lucrative businesses operating in the country. These businesses are the fibers that feed the gangs and their foreign guests. Arms smuggling, drug dealing, money laundering, piracy, and other hideous or underground activities are the factors behind the survival of Somalia's international criminals. Religious extremism is growing roots everywhere. It's time the world join hands to eliminate this menace from Somalia before it spills over and engulfs the entire region and beyond.

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