Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Cure for Racism and Discrimination is Education

Race and race relations have been debated in the west for a long time. In the United States, Hispanics and Blacks have higher crime rates than whites; Hispanics and Blacks have higher high school and college dropouts than Whites and Asians; Hispanics and Blacks bear the most illegitimate children than Asians and Whites. Research has shown that good education and nutrition tend to raise the level of human productivity. In countries where food is scarce, the level of malnutrition and death among children is greater than in countries that have strong economies. Also, research has found good nutrition increases human height and growth while at the same nourishing the human faculty of thinking. Asian-Americans have the highest level of professionals despite their smaller population. Asian-Americans tend to stay in school longer than any other race in America.

When a nation’s human capital is strong, there will be increased productivity. Western nations tower above other nations in aging because they have the technological expertise to fight diseases of all kinds. Through medical and scientific research, western countries tend to come up with new remedies for newly-discovered diseases like the deadly HIV/AIDS and the killer malaria that is wrecking havoc in Africa. The discovery of retro-viral medications has enabled to boost the immune systems of AIDS sufferers in the west. These medications, even if available in Africa, tend to be out of reach of the AIDS sufferer or are too costly for the under-served.

Nutrition, hygiene, and good education fulfill human desire for a better life. A nation that has no tangible educated workforce will lag behind other nations in all aspects. Maladministration, autocracy, and lack of respect for human rights have retarded Latin American, African, and a handful of Asian countries.

Failures to solidify the agricultural and educational sectors of these nations have been cause for their people’s plunge in their level education, health, and hygiene. Massive brain-drain has been another factor that has tremendously altered these nations capacity to maintain a strong workforce. Doctors, engineers, and professionals, lured by the lucrative wages offered by western countries, have opened vacuums in these nations’ healthy work sectors. These massive brain-drains increase the level of political instability.

Often, migrant parents come to the west with little or no education. The children of these migrant parents find themselves without role models. Instead, they resort to violence and other unholy activities. Exposure to violent media, pornography, drug peddling, and gangs eventually open the doors for convictions. The rate of school drops-outs skyrocket; drug addiction proliferates; and in the end crime rates catapult.

Wherefore, as discovered by researchers and as recorded by the media, racism can only be overcome when those who are discriminated against find solace in education. Hispanics and Blacks have no other alternative but to seek better educational opportunities in order to get out of the current social quagmire.

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