Sunday, April 19, 2009

Somalia's Mullahs Should Join Sheikh Sharif’s Government

Somalia’s most dreaded, radical Islamist group is spreading fear with malevolent and depredatory acts. Al-Shabaab, meaning “youth” in Arabic, evolved as a result of the civil war in Somalia especially during the brief Ethiopian occupation of Somalia. Hiding under the banner of religion, the group has caused the people of Somalia untold suffering. Al-Shabaab’s deracination will only be possible through the combined efforts of foreign powers who wish to see the decimation of terrorists regardless of their locality, military and ideological might or influence in the areas they control. Al-Shabaab cadres have plainly thrown their support behind the precepts of Al-Qaida and prudently idolize its leaders having abnegated the Somali Shafi’e school of thought for the extreme Saudi Wahabi ideology.

The current spates of assassinations in Mogadishu are calculated measures by Al-Shabaab to obliterate political leaders, scholars, community elders, and advocates of social justice. With the help of brainwashed, lawless marauding youth, Al-Shabaab’s batch of brigands and intrigant leaders have categorically opposed the current transitional government despite being offered an olive branch symbolizing reconciliation, forgiveness, and solidarity. Instead, the faction has embarked on tactical operations that prevent the spanking new and fragile government from carrying out its duties and responsibilities contained in the constitutional charter.

The military uniform of Al-Shabaab is a replication of the type worn by the Taliban of Afghanistan. Al-Shabaab’s mode of military operation is identical to that of Al-Qaida and the Taliban. Without giving peace a chance, the faction has vacuously, viciously, and senselessly shackled the war-wary Somali people such that fear reigns in every periphery it commands. Their ultimate intention is to plunge Somalia in to a form of hagiocracy in which leadership will be accumulated in the hands of saints.

While they indiscriminately demolish graveyards and deny the citizen the right to leisure and social activities, they are busy amassing wealth from the same wretched citizen they hold bondage.

Mockingly, anyone who differs with Al-Shabaab’s ideology is branded kaffir, heathen, or disbeliever. Whether exaggerated or taken out of context, the harrowing incidents of extrajudicial killings, beheadings, stoning to death, severing of limbs, and public floggings said to have been committed by Al-Shabaab, remain practicable foundations for several Muslim nations of today. Somalis are sick and tired of stercoraceous politics.

For over 15 years warlords wrecked havoc on Somalia’s population until 2006 when they were defeated by the Islamic Courts Union; then the Ethiopians came and inflicted more harm on the city of Mogadishu and its population. Now, let me ask you: does Somalia need a form of gynecocracy? This is in reference to a rule dominated by women because Somali men failed miserably to stabilize the nation. No, wonder any fool can grab a gun for the sake of power and dominion. There is no need for the leaders of Al-Shabaab to prolong the Somali war. The best these leaders can do is to join the current administration headed by Sheikh Sharif.

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