Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beehive of activity along Somalia's coastal waters

The world's most sophisticated navies have gathered around the Indian Ocean because of what they refer to as the "threat of piracy". Thus, the coastal waters of Somalia have become home for naval warships of all makes: cruisers, destroyers, battleships, auxiliary ships, submarines, aircraft carriers...and etc. Besides terrorism, piracy has become the most worrisome trend for the world maritime trade. Since all pirate activities in this part of Africa revolve around an area close to the Red Sea where most of the oil originating in the oilfields of the Middle East and destined for the rest of the world pass through, world economic powers have been left with no other alternative but intervene. There are the Chinese, Americans, Japanese, Germans, Norwegians, Malaysians, Indians, Turkish, you name it. All these navies have gathered to fight poorly-equipped Somalian teenagers hijacking ships. For the pirates, any successful encounter leads to instant wealth, new wives, new businesses, and new luxury cars . So, what will be the endgame of all this beehive of activities?

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