Thursday, August 11, 2016


If the leading consumers of alcohol in the world are the Czechs, Austrians and Germans, in Africa, Nigeria stays on top, followed by Uganda and Kenya respectively. In Kenya, an ethnic group known as the Meru who produce most of the Miraa or Qaad or Khat consumed by Somalis on a wider scale, hold the record for alcohol consumption. The money milked from the Somali by the Meru on Miraa sales, goes to the guzzling of their famous or favorite alcoholic brands White Cap, Pilsner, and Tusker respectively.
When desperately selling their favorite brands-whether Kangeta, Kolombo, Aleele, or Makokha-a leafy low grade category that is the reserve for the economically deprived-Meru Miraa sellers are adept at deceiving Somali Miraa chewers by substituting their wholesale consumption of the drug that is scientifically known as Catha edulis with Big G, a brand name chewing gum.
At first approach, Merus are known to use the two enticing words: Baite or Murume-obviously friendly connotations meant to attract or win one's attention. Baites or Murumes don't consume too much of this herbal drug. To inject temptations into the consumer's faculty of thinking, the seller chews a few sticks of the herb and then stuffs several Big G's to create a gigantic Daaqsin (overloaded cheek). At the end of the transaction, Baite or Murume emerges victorious leaving the Somali beat the highway empty-pocketed and consequently filled with euphoria when the chewing session kicks off

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