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Razor-Sharp-Mouthed EPRDF Party Troglodytes Globetrotting With Deception and Unconventional Wisdom

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From the time Atto Meles Zenawi was declared the overall winner of the pseudo-democratic presidential elections held in Ethiopia last May, a retinue of Tigreyan troglodytes from Ethiopia’s Somali region have been circumnavigating the globe extending an olive branch to the Ethiopian-Somali Diaspora with a message of peace and reconciliation from the headquarters of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF)-a conglomeration consisting of the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF), Oromo Peoples' Democratic Organization (OPDO), Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM), and the Southern Ethiopian People's Democratic Movement (SEPDM).

Delegations led by razor-sharp-mouthed representatives relaying unconventional wisdom converged on major cities in the western hemisphere with a view to selling their distorted ideologies to unsuspecting and predominantly uninformed onlookers and sightseers who were not part of the initial decision-making processes or originally intended political pundits.

Shuttling between Washington, D.C., Seattle, San Diego, and Minneapolis, and several other European cities, these uncompromising impostors driven by party zealotry unleashed well-rehearsed ideologies and revolutionary desiderata by calling on participants to grab offers of democratic values of inclusivity-perhaps referring to variants like freedom, equality, equity, cooperation, peaceful resolution of disputes, the rule of law, popular sovereignty, representative democracy, economic well-being, equality of opportunity, equality of condition, and other democratic factors-aspects that are absolutely unattainable in majoritarian, heterogeneous and “Cruel Ethiopia”.

Led by the youthful fire-spitting Abdifatah Sheikh Abdullahi, a tribal-minded political neophyte with past records of corruption and freewheeling lifestyle, EPRDF party apparatchiks gave conflicting imaginary statements aimed at winning the hearts and minds of the Ethiopian-Somali Diaspora.

Do these so-called representatives of the EPRDF who are in essence Somalis themselves reflect the atrocities, repression, arbitrary arrests, denial of basic services, and the host of inhuman measures inflicted on their people by the current and past regimes seated in Addis Ababa? Without an iota of doubt the regime in Addis Ababa has committed heinous crimes including genocide against Somalis of Ethiopia.

Ironically, what these subjects fail to realize is that even fascist Italy under Benito Mussolini claimed to have been a democracy one time and that the same applies to Germany under Adolf Hitler. Where on earth is the democracy they are preaching when demonstrations are suppressed and the opposition jailed or killed? An election where the ruling party garners majority of the votes is not a democracy. Do they know that modern democracy is generally of three types: (1) Presidentialism where the president and the Congress are elected separately, lawmaking depends on a balance of Congressional and presidential powers, the Supreme Court may strike down laws as unconstitutional, and that the president, the Congress, and the states can together override decisions of the Supreme Court. This kind of government is practiced by the United States. (2) Parliamentary System also known as parliamentary government where the people elect the national legislature; the national legislature (usually the lower house in bicameral legislatures) elects or approves the government as in United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Jamaica, Norway, Netherlands, Slovenia and others. Parliamentary Government is the most widely used form of democracy in the world. A Single-Party Majoritarian Government is where one party wins an absolute majority of seats in the national legislature and forms the government (an absolute majority means 50 percent plus one). This kind of government was the British House of Commons elections of 1997 when the Labor Party won 419 of the 659 seats in the House or 63.6% of the total. The final type of modern democracy is the mixed presidential-parliamentary system also known as semi-presidentialism where a president or prime minister can each have significant decision-making powers as in Russia, Sri Lanka, South Korea, France, Portugal, Finland and others.[1]
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