Friday, June 18, 2010

Beledweyne for al-Shabab

The strategetic town of Beledweyne which previously served as the main hub for Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys' Hizb al-Islam militia has finally fallen into the hands of al-Shabab. With only Ceelasha Biyaha-a massive camp for the Internally Displaced located outside of Mogadishu remaining as the last bastion for Hizb al-Islam-undoubtedly, one could conclude that Sheikh Aweys' faction is headed for total dismemberment and absolute involuntary dissolution. To add insult to injury, the number of Hizb al-Islam forces defecting to the opposition is siad to be explosive finally leading to HI's top brass disbanding and bringing to an abrupt end the Sheikh's uncalled-for loquacity, rhetorics and innuendos of the past. With HI out of the political spectrum, what everyone has to keep an eye on is how the next battle will be fought between the Transional Federal Government and Ahlu-Sunna-Wal-Jama'a on one side and al-Shabab on the other.

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