Sunday, February 22, 2009

Somalia's Pharaohs, Korahs, and Ammons

Something must be wrong with the brains of some of Somalia's most power hungry infidels. Known for their fundamentalist and extreme ideologies, these men will do everything in their power to ensure they get some sort of ministerial or departmental positions so they can be seen among men of like nature. They claim to be the rightfully chosen representatives of their clans and that any attempts to belittle their desired goals and ambitions will have disastrous consequences for the entire nation. Thus, without fulfilling their demands, no legitimate government will ever be established for Somalia. They claim to be Muslims, but in reality they contradict their faiths by not conforming to the accepted religious obligations and spiritual dimensions expected of a good Muslim.

It seems none of these men have the conducts of professionals. The service of a professional is an advantage to the people he/she serves and does not in any way benefit the professional. In contrast, unprofessional people are known for being exploitative and fraudulent. Utilitarianism, which is the category to which these men belong, is using one another for selfish gains which in the end lead to totalitarianism. Societies that exploit people do so only for selfish gains. Impulses, attractions, and evil inclinations are major gateways for drug abuse, alcoholism, quarrels, hopelessness, diseases, wickedness, self-aggrandizement and self-immolation, jest, and other inappropriate behavioral distortions that render the human soul hopeless, miserable and devoid of intellect and resolution.
Humans have natural intellects which empower them to choose precisely because they have the brainpower that help them differentiate between rights and wrongs.

It is important we denounce the imaginary beliefs of men especially their audacious magnification of the characters of their wives-to-be. The ideology of a rational man rests on the believe that people have different characters and dissimilar behavioral mannerisms. It is a bad reflection for a man to anticipate supernatural personality from his wife-to-be prior to tying the knot. Humans see each other as objects because of the fall from grace. People do things in different ways because each and every human being has a different trait. Children are commanded by attractions, impulses, and senses. On the contrary, adults follow reason and truth.

Materialization may be described as the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of pride. These three lusts lead to perdition and destruction of the individual and the society as a whole unless otherwise individual and broad-spectrum corrective measures are taken to turn them around. The lust for evil leads to anxiety, doubt, worry, ignorance, pride, guilt, selfishness, fornication, adultery, sodomy, barbarism, and murder. All these evil deeds can be overturned by espousing obedience, prayer, poverty eradication through alms giving, chastity, and fasting.

When one has no faith in God; when religious devotion disappears into thin air, and when ethical guidance dissipates, material wealth transforms into a misleading glittering ornament and a dangerous figment of the imagination. Like a distantly appearing mirage, wealth without faith, spontaneously formulates an empire with evil underpinnings that is of no benefit to human beings. With the right use of intellect, memory, and will comes faith, truth, hope, and trust. We should inculcate equal justice and equanimity when dealing with our parents because it is in the best interests of every human being to look ahead to a hassle-free world. A child who abandons his/her parents will, in retaliation, be abandoned in his/her final days of life. Likewise, those with authority who abandon their subjects will ultimately be abandoned when they attain old age. Therefore, it is expected of us that we observe human dignity by respecting the sacredness of the human life as expressed in the Holy Qur'an and authentic Hadith.

Because we are the vicegerents of God on earth, it is equally important to have preferential option for the poor so that the underprivileged are cared for ad infinitum. Likewise, the only way to eradicate poverty is to give to the poor generously without regard to religion, race, color, gender or national origin. We need to have solidarity with the orphans, wayfarers, the poor, and the homeless by forming communities that exclusively cater for their needs. I find it strange that we have in our midst millions of homeless men and women while millions of dollars get wasted due to corruption and misuse each day. Where are the millions of dollars donated by the international community to the various transitional governments in Somalia since the collapse of the central government in 1991? Have these monies been accounted for? Who took them and how were they used?

Children should care for their parents when they attain feeble age just as they cared for them when they were helpless in infancy. Children need reflect how the affectionate bird cares for her immature hatchlings and that they should likewise care for their parents unreservedly by spreading their wings of humility around them. Love, affection, and devotion to the welfare of the aging parent should be the best appropriate tool for every son and daughter yearning for the mercy and grace of the Almighty God who created his servants for a reason. In Africa, children are considered to have social benefits because they will care for their parents in old age.

Despite the formation of a unity government to which they were party to, these infidels remain at odds with the rest of peace loving Somalis. These bunch of idiots need realize that the era of power struggles is over and that wisdom lies in conceding defeat for the sake of giving peace a chance. Today's Somalia is filled with so-called leaders who possess the hearts and minds of Pharaoh, Korah, and Ammon of ancient Egypt. For now, the greatest struggle for Somalia is how to get rid of these selfish, barbaric, and merciless dirty dozen.

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