Sunday, July 6, 2008

Africa's Concealed Hazards

While African leaders continue to tediously fulfill the assignments given to them by their former colonial masters by tearing each other apart through continued power wrangglings, election irregularities, guerilla warfares, tribal clashes, DDT fumigations, social inequalities, and constipated political irredentisms, toxic wastes and other human activities concealed from the attention of the afflicted continent, will without doubt decimate millions of unsuspecting black populations leaving behind disastrous effects that will be hard to remedy for milleniums to come.

The African continent is becoming a dumping ground for toxic wastes that fetch millions of dollars for the greedy Mafia working in conjunction with callous totalitarian regimes and pitiless African entities. The absence of scientific experimentations and institutionalized research foundations specialized in the fields of nuclear, biological, and chemical disaster awareness coupled with diminishing professional expertise due to massive brain-drain, the continent is about to see the worst environmental degradations, hydrologic contamination, and atmospheric changes never before recorded in human history.

The current spate of alarming climate warming and greenhouse gas effects debated by industrialized nations seems not to worry many African leaders. For them it is business as usual: women, wine, and war and the continued embezzlement of state coffers; arms distribution meant to destabilize adversaries, and pseudotransformational leadership styles akin to those of Adolph Hitler, David Koresh, Vladimr Ilyanov Lenin, and Jim Jones.

Nowardays, mindful institutions of higher learning have added to their curriculums a branch of innovative science teaching the role played by the dreaded Mafia in destroying the world ecoystems . You will be amazed by how some parts of the world have been turned into dumping grounds for toxic wastes by this uncontrolled and underground Mafia groups who strike contractual dealings with morally corrupt corporations seeking ways to dispose off their hazardous materials.

The most likely places to suffer the consequences of environmental degradations are nations in Africa afflicted by ineffective leaderships, recurring rivalry, scandalous administrations, and chronic lawlessness. Besides physical and biological hazards, the African continent is becoming an involuntary host to chemical hazards that pollute air, water, soil, and food. The lack of risk assessemnt and management-two scientific processes used to assess, estimate, and manage the effects of hazards on human health and the environment and the severity of a particular risk, makes the continent susceptible to man-made diseases on a continental scale.

Poor Africa has been and continues to suffer the effects of Malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and other newly-emerging viruses. Chemical toxicity open the doors for mutagens, teratogens, and carcinogens that may disrupt the body's immune, endocrine, and nervous systems. Waste disposal in Africa's lands and waterways has been turned into muliti-million dollar business by mindless Africans and the green-eyed Mafia.

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