Saturday, December 29, 2007

Revive the dying Horn of Africa

Clean the mess in the African Horn. It is the only region in the world that has been totally neglected by the international community. In Somalia, there has been no central government since 1991. Instead, warlords in collaboration with nations at stake in the strategic importance of the Horn have been terrorizing innocent civilians for almost 17 years. Famine, disease, hunger, and bad politics is behind the disintegration of a once stable and prosperous region. In fact, the tragedy struck when the cold war between the West and the former Soviet Union got off the ground after World War II. The land is able to sustain the various ethnic groups live and coexist harmoniously. It is the responsiblity of every human being to play a vital role in the restoration of peace and order anywhere on earth where there is political instability, religious extremism, and natural hazards. Rise up and take part in these trying times in this burning region. Let your voice be heard.

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